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About The Paper Chase Trust

UK Registered Charity Number 1070048

We operate on the East Coast of Kenya. It is a very large country of 40 million people. Only about 16 million have access to safe water. 30 million don't have adequate sanitation. The Paper Chase Trust have three people overseeing the projects undertaken to improve the health, welfare and educational needs of some of the people of the Watamu district of Malindi. Moses is a Kenyan subject and works locally whilst Tony and Judith Bell are UK subjects who love Kenya so much they decided to spend their retirement years helping the charity in Kenya. Tony hears about a problem and sends the information to the rest of the trustees in the UK to assess how much can be afforded and if there is enough money. No money is spent on admin in UK but sent to Kenya so projects can be can be done sooner rather than later.

In the images below you can see the difference between the first class hotel on the beach of the Indian Ocean and the local village, situated literally just over the road. These are the main streets and local shops of Timboni and Gede.


How The Paper Chase Trust has made a difference

These pictures are before and after we make a difference

The first picture is of the entrance to Dr Katana's Maternity Clinic. It is also used for small operations. As you can see the clinic needs bringing up to date. It needs new paint on the walls so they can be washed down and kept sanitary. It also desperately needs new tiles on the floor and new ceilings to prevent spiders, snakes and other creatures getting inside. The cost would be about £1,500 to bring the operating room, the delivery room and one ward up to the 21st century. The local builder took on the task, giving a dozen men work for several days enabling them to bring in money so being able to feed the family, send their children to school and give them hope of a future.


After two coats of paint, a new ceiling and a freshly tiled floor later, Dr Katana can now be proud of his Maternity Hospital.  The workers now have more experience working with us and are proud they had done a good job and were able to take home some pay for a couple of weeks.  The only problem now is the need for running water. There is currently only one tap some way away from the maternity ward.   Tony suggested to the rest of the Trustees that this should be our next project.


Watamu SDA Clinic was in desperate need of a laboratory so that Dr Bayer and his Lab Assistant Douglas could identify Aids, HIV, Malaria and many other diseases in the area. The nearest lab is in the town of Malindi, a half an hour drive away. The local people cannot afford a car or a taxi so have to wait many weeks to be diagnosed, sometimes it is too late. A disused storage room was identified to be ideal for the job. The builders moved in and renewed the doors and windows, re-plastered and painted the walls and relayed the floor. A new microscope, a small fridge and an incubator for cultures was provided all for a grand total of £1,500 paid for by donations given by people in UK to The Paper Chase Trust.


Imagine a Maternity Hospital without running water. That was the situation at Dr Katanas Clinic in the village of Timboni, just a mile from five star hotels next to the wonderful Indian Ocean. Once the situation was assessed by Tony and the money sent out from England the work could begin and by offering the work to the local brick layers, plumbers and other craftsmen it meant they could provide their families with the essentials of life; food, education and health care. A secure base was built for the 10,000 letre tank, pipes and taps fixed, sinks bought and the water was then piped into the clinic. The water could also be distributed for the use of the local population within the village, all paid for by the generous donations from UK.


Our other on going project is the attempted eradication of Jiggers in the Watamu region. Jiggers are a parasitic flee which burrows into young soft flesh, lays eggs and causes pain and can cause death. The Paper Chase Trust has treated well over a thousand people in the Watamu region of Kenya but this is still an on going project. At a cost of about 50p per person it is not cheap but well worth the effort.


The Paper Chase Trust has two main on going projects. The first is to get enough donations to be able to send young students to College to learn a trade. The two year courses include electricians, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters and machinists. Both boys and girls have a choice of what they would like to do. At the end of two years they come out of college with a certificate to allow them to get a job and continue to learn the trade with a fully experienced tradesman. Having a trade keeps the young person off the streets and off drugs and allows for more pride in themselves. The college fee cost is just £12 per month, or £144 per year for just two years. The parents pay the rest of the expenses. A report and letters are sent to the sponsors giving them a record of the progress of the student. Photos can be exchanged and the students can be met if the sponsor has a holiday in Kenya.